Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#udhr2014: Franklin Law Group

Quindaro Ruins / Underground Railroad-Exercise 2015 has and continues for many, many years sought and vividly seeks to utilize historic - heritage preservation and restoration JOBS CREATIONS and Entrepreneurial Development Trainings; at the archeological  POMPEII of Kansas Free-Port-of-entry-Off the Missouri River

As a platform to not only help reduce ridiculous*senseless*violence*and homicides, by boosting individual and collective SELF-ESTEEM for low income poverty stricken residents in our area, that use to be a community: but power brokers, decision -makers, with official authority in control of BUDGETS and POLICY; repeatedly TURN- their backs, on the very population are are sworn into office and/ or get paid to help and serve and protect.

EVENTS like Ferguson, Missouri could alongside other LAW ENFORCEMENT Professionals take RACE RELATIONS SENSITIVITY TRAININGS at a place like the-
QUINDARO RUINS / Underground Railroad- to broaden their awareness, knowledge and scope of TOLERANCE and the fragile collective forgotten episodes that our GREAT Beloved AMEICA of the United States was and is, built UPON.

Unfortunately, so many of the LEADERSHIP today: have decided that BLACK African American males, and Black Veterans and now, even White American Citizens do not NEED JOBS, with live-able wages and meaningful salaries.  BILLIONS are thrown into help VETERANS, yet UNEMPLOYMENT across the country is approximately 88 to 96 MILLION AMERICAN CITIZENS: this type of math and INHUMANE treatment of the UNEMPLOYED is a "SPIRITUAL-CRISIS": that only GOD apparently understands.

And THANK God, at least the 88 to 96 MILLION severely UNEMPLOYED AMERICAN CITIZENS can still PRAY and hold onto our FAITH, that if we continue to PRAY and Meditate, we can and will be able to become HUMAN BEINGS, once again- in our lifetimes. [ Privately, deep inside of myself, that is the eternal optimist, that - I am ]. 

Frankly I can't understand WHY our President and CONGRESS do NOT go ahead and implement a EMERGENCY New 21st century W.P.A. ( WORKING PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION ) both here in the United States and globally / internationally where ever there is the slightest inkling of "Free and Open ELECTIONS" we should be establishing new 21st century W.P.A.'s with live-able wages and meaningful salaries, because another new WAR or DRONE Release every OTHER Month isn't such a GOOD Track, Course, or SPEED to pursue a 21st century HUMANITARIAN Futures.

THANKS for this BLOG Opportunity,

Marvin S. Robinson, II - ( U.S. Navy Veteran )
QUINDARO RUINS / Underground Railroad- Exercise 2015